What do I do with my old mattress? - Lebeda Mattress Factory

What do I do with my old mattress?

Different municipalities have varying rules about mattress disposal, but most allow you to dispose of it with your garbage by using a special tag or by scheduling a special pickup. If you choose to have a delivery for your new Lebeda mattress set, we can haul away your old set for a nominal fee. Unfortunately we are unable to dispose of mattresses coming from apartment buildings, care facilities, or other community living sites. Bedbugs have become more common in recent years so there are steps we take to prevent the spread of these pests from home-to-home. Apartments and care facilities have a higher risk of infection because they provide easy access for these insects to spread which has prompted us to limit where haul-away is available.

While our delivery drivers are vigilant in their efforts to prevent cross-contamination, bedbugs and their telltale signs are difficult to spot, so the safest method is to discontinue hauling products from certain facilities. We do not discriminate… whether you live in the smallest apartment or a million dollar retirement home, we simply cannot haul old bedding from community living sites. As long as your old bedding is in sanitary condition, our drivers will gladly remove the items to a hallway space or dumpster if your lease allows, but we cannot transport items that could potentially infect new product being delivered.

What does Lebeda do with the old mattresses it hauls away? Simply put, they are disposed of. If you have a mattress that is in good shape but just isn’t comfortable to you anymore, see if you can find someone in need and help them out.