Mattress Pads & Protectors

Mattress pads and protectors perform several important functions that will enhance the performance of your new Lebeda mattress. Both collect the skin cells and hair follicles that are shed during your sleep. This is important because dust mites and other microbial creatures feed on this material. When you wash these, their food supply is eliminated and thus you have effectively increased the health benefit of the bed by not allowing a nice living area for such organisms.

The mattress pad, as its name implies, makes the bed a little softer to increase your comfort level. The mattress protector shields your mattress from any food, drink, or bodily fluid that otherwise would get into your mattress and stain it, voiding your warranty. Mattress encasement’s fully envelop the mattress, letting nothing in. By keeping these things out of your bed, the protector/encasement also enhances the durability of the mattress, because when those get into the materials below the mattress’ surface, it makes them break down quite quickly. So when you purchase your new Lebeda mattress set, remember to get the mattress pad or protector to help you get the full enjoyment that the mattress can give you.

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