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How do you clean a mattress?

Cleaning a mattress can significantly extend its lifespan and create a healthier sleeping environment. Here are some steps to follow for cleaning a mattress:

Use a protector or mattress encasement:  The best way to clean your mattress is to make sure it never gets dirty in the first place. Items like a mattress protector (which goes on like a fitted sheet) or an encasement (which completely envelops the mattress) is the easiest way to keep your mattress clean since all you have to do is remove it and put it in the washing machine.  These items are designed to keep your mattress free from stains from food, drink, and body fluid as well as minimize dust mites and other critters we don’t like to think about.  As long as these are in good condition, this should be all you need for a clean mattress. Please purchase one when you buy your new mattress.  This will ensure you have a clean sleeping environment.  It also ensures your mattress warranty stays intact.  A soiled/stained mattress nullifies all warranties.

If your mattress is already soiled/stained…

Vacuum the mattress: Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dirt, and debris from the surface of the mattress. This will prevent the accumulation of debris that can lead to allergies and create an unpleasant odor.

Clean stains with a damp cloth: Mix mild detergent with warm water and use a clean cloth to gently rub any stains on the mattress. Avoid using too much water since moisture can lead to mold growth. You could also use an enzyme cleaner that can break down stains and eliminate odor.

Spot clean smelly areas: If there are any areas that emit an unpleasant odor, such as urine stains, then you could use a baking soda solution to neutralize the odor. Mix equal parts of baking soda and water in a spray bottle, then spray the solution on the affected area. Let it sit for a few hours before wiping it off with a damp cloth.

Air-dry the mattress: It is essential to air dry the mattress thoroughly if it becomes damp. If possible, move the mattress outside or to a well-ventilated room and leave it to dry for a few hours. Make sure you flip the mattress over to ensure that both sides dry properly.

Contact your local Lebeda with details regarding your stained or soiled mattress. It may be time to replace your mattress if a mattress protector was not used.

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