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Tru Hybrid™

Tru Hybrid™ mattresses are unique to Lebeda. These hybrids have several different features that make them special.  First of all, the individually pocketed coils go from edge to edge.  This increases airflow for better temperature regulation.  It also creates a uniform support system versus conventional hybrids which use a foam encasement.  Tru Hybrids™ have several flippable mattress options.  Each model has one or more premium foam to enhance its comfort performance.  Every Tru Hybrid™ has its own feel and firmness ranging from firm to superbly soft.  These mattresses have the best of today’s technology infused with time tested materials. Come in to your opens in a new windowlocal Lebeda gallery showroom today!

Aurora Hybrid

Aurora Plush Hybrid

Heritage Pillowtop

Heritage Pillowtop Hybrid


Heritage Plush Hybrid


Legacy Plush Hybrid


Paradox Pillow Plush


Quanta Firm

Quanta Hybrid

Quanta Pillow Plush Hybrid



Eclipse 2 Mattress - Lebeda

Z2 Tru Hybrid™