What All Does Lebeda’s Warranty Cover? - Lebeda Mattress Factory

What All Does Lebeda’s Warranty Cover?

Lebeda’s warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship. That covers a whole variety of things that could potentially happen, such as a spring popping through, the tape edging coming unraveled, or a boxspring breaking (assuming of course that there has been no abuse to the set).

One thing that isn’t covered is body impression. All beds will have some level of body impression and change in feel over time. Most manufacturers maintain that a bed is defective if the impression is 1.5-2″ or greater. Buying directly from the factory at Lebeda gives you a unique advantage in that while your bed may be dipping and isn’t a warranty issue, there are instances where we can still take your mattress back to the factory and alter it to make it feel the way you want. That versatility enables us to take care of our customers for years and is yet another reason why Lebeda has such a loyal client base. Lebeda cares about YOUR comfort.