What is a hybrid mattress? – Lebeda Mattress Factory

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress is composed of individually pocketed coils &  layers of foam (often a specialty foam). This type of  mattress feels friendly on the body & allows little to no motion transfer. The individual coil unit flexes with your body to provide excellent contouring support.  

Conventional hybrids use a foam encased design to give structure to the bed and support on the edges.   These mattresses are single sided.

Lebeda has both opens in a new windowconventionally designed hybrids as well as opens in a new windowTru Hybrids.  Tru Hybrids have a number of advantages over their conventional counterparts.  The coils go from edge to edge instead of having a foam encasement.  This allows for a uniform support structure to give unsurpassed support across the whole hybrid mattress.  It also mean that these mattresses can be made in a flippable configuration as well as enhancing air flow for superior temperature regulation.