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What is an adjustable mattress?

An adjustable mattress is one that allows you to adjust the position and angle of the adjustable base that it sets on to suit your needs. This means the head and foot (or other sections depending on the base) of the mattress can be raised or lowered to provide customizable comfort while sleeping or lounging in bed.

Adjustable mattresses are used in conjunction with a motorized base. The base does the work of changing the position that you want the mattress to be in. You only have to press a button on a remote or sometimes in a connected app.  The bases have varying points of articulation to help you find the best setup to make you happy.  The adjustable mattress conforms to this position as well as provide comfort and support.

The major benefit of an adjustable mattress is the customizable support and comfort it provides. The ability to adjust the bed’s position allows for better health benefits such as pain relief in the back or neck, improved circulation, and reduced heartburn. It’s also valuable for people who spend significant time in bed due to medical conditions or disabilities.

Overall, adjustable mattresses and their corresponding bases have become increasingly popular because they offer added comfort and convenience. Many bases have different features such as massage capabilities in some models and mobile app support. Every style of Lebeda mattresses can be made to be put on an adjustable base. Whether you want a Tru-Hybrid, all foam or traditional innerspring, all can be made to be adjustable friendly.  This allows you to choose the mattress type that best suits your desires and marry it to the base you need to alter the position.  Get the best rest of your life at Lebeda!

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